Hidden Design

It looks so concise that you will wonder how the magic works.

As commonly-used device by photographers, we insist that the sliders should be as fine and elegant as good cameras. With integrated processing on a single aluminium bar, you will see no screws or holes on the main part. Even the motor is concealed very cleverly.

Compact Size

Proper size. No worry about portable inconvenience anymore.

A4-paper length makes it easily to fit in any backpacks. The width design of single-handed use allows you to hold it comfortablely, with one hand only. Feeling like a bottle of mineral water on the whole, you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere.

Surface Material

Painting and oxidizing processing

Adopting anode oxidation electroplating technology, the paint adheres to metal sufface more evenly and securely, adding to aesthetic beauty and touch comfort. Plus, the device is expected to have much longer service life, since its wearability has increased by 30%.

Invisible Inside

We seek to achieve functional implementation by minimum components and parts, so the inside of this device is as elegant as what you see from outside.