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The Perfect Portable MINI Slider Solution For Smartphone & Camera & DSLR


Ultra Smooth


Long Path

Incline Shots

Max. Load

Take Longer Shots

Unibody Design

One Button

Phone and DSLR

Easiest Way to Capture Cinematic Moments

Never need a ton of gears to make an epic video. SliderMini is the ONE to make magic happen. Just press the button on the body or tap on the app and you will capture breathtaking time-lapses and videos.

Ultra Smooth

No more shaky footage. The macro-precise motor built in the SliderMini ensures precision and silent motion control. It has the right balance between strength, duration, and smoothness, and the slider can move as slow as 6 µm/s to satisfy the most demanding macro slide shots.

Short in Size, but Long in Path

Carry SliderMini, carry the most frequently used part of your slider. The travel length(8 in/20.32cm) provides enough motion capture to meet 95% of shooting needs. Benefit from its portability, you can take SliderMini anywhere anytime to shoot more amazing footage.

App-controlled Perfect Motion

Smartta Go

User-friendly interaction design makes sure each button is at your fingertips. You can adjust the speed of the slider as you like to meet a variety of shooting needs.

Setup a Time-lapse in Seconds

In Time-lapse Mode, built-in 10 time-lapse modes let you set up a time-lapse shot immediately. You can also set shutter speed, exposure, clip length and duration. And you can customize your own time-lapse library for future use directly.

Design for Mobile Professionals

33.33 lb(15 kg) carrying capacity. Powerful motor and torque. It lets you work efficiently with any phone, camera and DSLR.

Night Lapse

Capture professional night shots with our intuitive night mode.

Convert your slide into Stop Motion

With a whole host of unique features, Stop Motion makes all frames come to life and allows you to create terrific stop action movies. Simple to use, fun to play with.


1.26 lb (0.569 kg)

Recommended load:

33.33 lb ( 15 Kg )

Camera Travel:

8 in / 20.32cm


6 µm (micrometer / sec)


0.4 in / sec (1 cm / sec)

Power input:

5V 1A

Battery life:

48 hours (normal use)
Built-in 1500 mAh Li Battery

Mobile device connection:

Bluetooth low-energy communication

App compatibility:

iOS 10.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later


CNC machined aluminum & stainless steel components

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